With “CPRE” (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) and “Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist” accreditation, our consultants’ work involves, among other things:

Listing your goals

Would you like…

  • To offer your existing customers a B2B portal?
  • To sell to private individuals?
  • To boost the perceived quality of your products?
  • To increase the number of sales channels?
  • To incorporate different tools?

Identifying any problems/difficulties encountered

By interviewing your employees, we can identify the issues that are holding your business back or making it more difficult to manage:

  • Number of products marketed and stock management for large numbers of products being marketed?
  • Prices charged by competitors?
  • Not enough flexibility in the shipping solutions offered?
  • Website not suitable for tablets or smartphones?
  • Managing different languages/currencies/companies?

Formalising your needs

This step involves the consultant recommending and prioritising the solutions and features worth introducing, after analysing the issues and goals that have already been identified. At this point, the consultant may also recommend breaking the project down into different coherent phases to help you achieve the most goals faster.

Our experts can help you:

  • Create new online shops

    Our consultants have practical experience in setting up online shops. Whether you work B2B and/or B2C, we can help you put together your specifications (whether or not our agency carries out the project) and a project plan, as well as with your approach to adopting a particular strategy (commercial, digital marketing – SEO, SEA, social media strategy etc.).

  • Improve existing websites

    Your website is already online, but you would like help from an expert to improve certain points (SEO, shipping solutions, integration with other systems, updating etc.): we can help you! Our consultants also have “Magento 2 solution expert” certification. Within the context of a Magento 2 project, these consultants will help you identify the best way to use the solution in order to respond to your needs, limiting made-to-measure developments. This consultancy service can be provided prior to a project involving a new website, whether the latter is created by WiMakeIT or another supplier.

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