For each service offered, a structured and efficient plan

  1. Installation et développement chez WiMakeIT

    Project analysis

    This stage enables us to understand your business and its specific features, and generally begins with a visit to your company.

    Here, we document for the company director or department manager the exact solutions we can offer, and how they will be implemented.

  2. Analyse du projet par WiMakeIT


    This phase of the project covers various design activities:

    • Installation of the solution
    • Configuration of the required functionalities
    • Development of customised functionalities
    • Development of interfaces with your existing systems (ERP, CRM, mailing, etc)
    • Theme customisation (graphic design)
    • In-house testing
  3. Validation et mise en ligne par WiMakeIT

    Test and golive

    Throughout the project, we ask you to test and validate the functionalities that are put online in our test environment. This is a crucial stage, as it allows you to get to grips with your new tool, and to validate that it is working properly and that we understand your needs.

    At the end of this validation phase, we put your new tool online and help you get it up and running.

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