WiMakeIT respects your image rights

By participating in events organized by WiMakeIT or in events for which the photographers engaged by WiMakeIT participate, you consent to the use of group photographs comprising at least 5 people, for the purpose of illustrating the next communication media (both WiMakeIT.

Extract on the use of photographs

In certain circumstances, the consent of the represented person may be presumed. We generally identify three situations of this type:

  • Photos taken in public places;
  • Photos of a crowd;
  • Photos of public figures.

In the case of persons appearing on a photo of a monument taken in a public place, the consent of each of these persons is not required during the subsequent dissemination of this photo. The same is true when you photograph a crowd of people during a demonstration.

However, when a person appears in close-up on a photo, this one can invoke his right to the image even if the photo in question was taken in a public place or that the person was in the middle of a crowd. .

There are three categories of public persons:

  • Political figures;
  • Celebrities ;
  • People who are the subject of the news.

In general, it is considered that these people tacitly agree to be photographed, that their features be reproduced, provided that this reproduction has a link with their profession or in any case with the reason for which they are the subject of l news.

The public person in question may therefore invoke his right to the image when his image is reproduced for a commercial or advertising purpose or even when this image infringes his privacy.

Explicit consent in the context of the GDPR

The editorial and site management team www.wimakeit.be and its publisher WiMakeIT are committed to respecting the new regulations for the protection of your personal data. We are committed to always being precise about the framework in which the use of your data is made.

At the end of each form on this site, provided that we collect personal data about you there, an explicit validation of your agreement to use this data as well as an explanation of the use that will be made of it and the scope of this usage will be given.

In the absence of a mention for a particular use, the personal data entered in these forms as well as your IP address can be used to contact you within the framework of your legitimate interest, such as information on an order or reservation for an event, a interaction you would have had with the website or information about a breach in said personal data.

You can request the deletion of any contact or confidential data concerning you in our database at any time. It should however be noted that Belgian law requires us to keep some of this information for legal or accounting purposes.

The data is stored on Combell’s servers in Belgium, managed by the WiMakeIT SRL and its partners in Belgium. No personal information will be shared with third parties, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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