Indeed, the price at which you can sell a beam that you have in stock is not the price that you will be able to offer for the other beams that you will have to order from your supplier, probably at a new price.

In this case, although it is easy to imagine not selling anything online and proposing to your customers to send a price request via the contact form, this solution is however not very structured, very time-consuming and ultimately not very profitable for your company (with wage costs already among the highest in Europe).

At the request of one of our Belgian customers – Baise SA, specialised in the sale of metals – we have developed specific functionalities for its online business, allowing Internet users to directly request prices online according to a precise, pre-established template.

Devis en ligne avec Magento

This type of functionality, initially intended for B2B sales, is now offered to all types of customers who can validate their order as follows

1°) the customer selects the desired products, in the exact quantities and dimensions required

2°) the customer submits a quote to the merchant

Devis en ligne

3°) the merchant is informed by email of the arrival of a price request. He enters the prices and sends the quote back to the customer, with a validity date.

4°) the customer receives his validated quote and can convert it into an order. The payment stage only appears for customers who do not have a credit line.

Gestion de devis dans site Magento

Compared to a traditional online form, the time needed to submit the price offer is reduced by three! This is a real advantage due to the fluctuation of metal prices, which can vary greatly in a certain period of time!

The second advantage of such a process is the structured and automated communication. The customer can only request a price for clearly selected products, in dimensions and quantities that he has also clearly entered. Any errors or omissions are thus directly checked by the system. The merchant therefore receives a complete price request, which he can quote directly without having to ask the customer for additional information.

Do you need an online price request module in your webshop?

Our team of developers installs this powerful functionality for your online shop, for a successful user experience! Contact us for more information!

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