And this is where putting a “product configurator” or “customisation module” online makes sense for the e-retailer to offer a simplified experience to its customers and to stand out from its competitors.

What is a product configurator?

A product configurator is a computer module offering a bunch of options (choice of colour, dimensions, format, type of material, etc.) to the Internet user so that a personalised product can be proposed to him at the end of the selection (this configurator can also provide the total price for the selected set).

From his smartphone, computer or tablet, the customer can, for example, easily draw up the exact model of the car he is looking for, by defining the interior, the colour, the type of finish, etc., in order to be automatically offered the car he needs, in the variants he wants.

The configurator: a personalised experience for the customer and a time-saver for the e-tailer

In the digital age and the current need for consumers to receive a quick and personalised offer, installing a product configurator on one’s e-commerce site is of real interest to simplify the purchase of a “complex” product: without any prior technical knowledge, Internet users can easily and quickly create the product of their choice by following a guideline to avoid any errors in their personalised purchase.

On the e-tailer’s side, the product configurator brings considerable added value to his website by :

  • reducing labour time and presales cost;
  • streamlining the purchasing process;
  • by offering a tailor-made product that meets the expectations and therefore the satisfaction of the customer (the conversion rate will be optimised and the risk of order return/cancellation will be greatly reduced).

For which type of e-tailer is the configurator suitable?

All sectors can have a product configurator installed on their e-commerce site. Obviously, it is necessary to analyse the commercial objective, the existing solutions within the company (ERP, etc.) and to be careful to implement a type of configurator that is adapted to the complexity of the products offered by the E-retailer.

For example, we have developed a parametric product configurator for our client, a specialist in fence installation: this allows Internet users to choose the type of fence they wish to install in just a few steps, by defining the colour, height, finishes, etc.

Configurateur Magento

The final choice will be summarised at the end of the configurator process, accompanied by suggestions for items useful for installing the fence (number of corner posts, spools of tension wire, etc.) to come as close as possible to the user’s needs.

This fence configurator allows customers to make their own choices whenever they wish without the intervention of a professional, and allows Clôture-Portail to concentrate on other missions while ensuring that it receives orders for products that are already configured and ready to be processed.

Would you like to integrate a configurator on your e-commerce site?

Whatever your field of activity, our team of developers can provide you with an online configurator that is adapted to your activity, easy to use, with intuitive and efficient functions.

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